it is for my ethics class have to write a paper on quot privacy versus security quot about 3 5 pages in ieee format if possible and have to have at least five reference

The case study paper, approximately 3 to 5 pages in length (single-spaced). The paper must discuss a case that is relevant to our study of computer ethics. Case topics can be chosen from a list provided by the instructor, or suggested by the student and approved by the instructor. You will describe the case in your own words and identify key ethical issues raised by the case. Using a relevant professional code of ethics, you will explain what, if anything, failed to conform to the Code. The goals of the paper are to summarize the case, analyze it, and discuss your reaction to it including how similar problems may be prevented in the future. This paper will be due at midnight on the last day of class.

12pt font, Times New Romans. Word Document(.doc) ONLY.

1inch margins all around for all pages.

Make sure to use IEEE formatting if you are not familiar then you can use another type of formatting but you have to let me know in advance which you are using. Make sure to have at least 5 different references.

You should have a SEPARATE Title PAGE and REFERENCE PAGE( not included in the 3-5pages of actual content for your paper).

**For reference purpose I have attached the course book with this.