its a case analysis

  1. The strategic analysis conducted in Part B is used to complete the strategic formulation and strategic implementation.
  2. Review Part B and if necessary, use feedback from the instructor in Part B of the assignment to revise/correct/update your strategic analysis.
  3. Identify and summarize the strategic issues facing the organization.
  4. Determine the business level strategies the organization should implement. That is, identify the type of generic strategy best suited for the organization.
  5. Determine the corporate level strategies the organization should implement. This should include the strategic goals and associated strategic objectives.
  6. Determine performance metrics that will be used to assess the success of the organization and the strategies to be implemented.
  7. Develop action plans for the strategic goals.
  8. Write an Executive Summary for the strategic plan that clearly and concisely summarizes all aspects of the strategic plan.
  9. Use all the above steps to write a final and complete strategic plan. Teams are expected to include the following in Part C (the strategic plan):
  1. Title Page
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction and Background on Organization
  5. Strategic Analysis
  6. External Analysis
  7. Internal Analysis
  8. SWOT Analysis
  9. Strategic Formulation
  10. Vision Statement
  11. Mission Statement
  12. Strategic Issues
  13. Business Level Strategy
  14. Strategic Goals
  15. Strategic Implementation
  16. Action Plans
  17. Performance Metrics
  18. Reference