Jacobean Drama: critical analysis of the passage from the THE REVENGER Custom Essay

Analysis of Jacobean drama In this part of the play, Vindice is performing the task of finding the Duke a chaste woman who is to be corrupted. He is not doing so in his own capacity but rather assumes a false identity as Piato, a servant of Lussoriosso. He is talking to Gratiana about the same since she is Castiza’s mother. To accomplish this he carries with him gold which will be used as a bribe or some form of payment. They engage in lengthy dialogue on the same matter. Significance of this passage The importance of this passage in the play is that it exposes the inner thoughts of Vindice. He is the main character in this play and this scene where he disguises himself and interacts with his mother provides us with pointers to his motivation for the vigilante mission he is on. In the conversation, he elaborates on the social evils that are present in the world.

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