java lab no plagiarism code will be scanned

Lab 1 – Part A

Attached Files:

  • Before you start coding or designing the lab, please download and run the associated power point.
  • Follow the decision tree to learn basic design principles related to this lab.
  • Follow the tree until you reach success and it indicates you’ve reached the ideal solution.
  • Take a screen capture of this slide and include it with the solution you submit.
  • You must also submit your solution for part A here.
  • Note, Part A & B are due by the due date.

Lab 1 – Part B

Attached Files:

Submission Requirement:

Java: – This course requires Java 11. Submissions, for homework or lab, using later versions of Java will receive a 0. Download Java 11 here:…

IntelliJ IDE: – We will be using IntelliJ for our IDE in this course. Examples and help will be provided for IntelliJ. Help will not be given for other IDEs or command line configurations. IntelliJ (free) community edition can be found here: .

All coding submissions, labs and home work assignments, need to include the full project directory, any associated resources (jar files, serialized files, README, other notes) inside the zip file.