Word count: The total word limit for this TMA is 2500 words. You will find everything you need to answer this TMA in the ‘Materials’ section of this document. Learning outcomes The module learning outcomes that will be assessed in this TMA are: 1.1 Develop knowledge and critical understanding of the theories and frameworks underpinning the strategy process at the different levels where strategies are developed in organisations, including the international context. 1.2 Develop knowledge and understanding of the appropriate theories and frameworks to use to systematically analyse the external and internal environments of organisations as well as their stakeholders 2.1 Work with the appropriate data to generate information relevant to the development of strategy. 2.2 Critically analyse relevant information using suitable conceptual tools 2.4 Argue coherently and justify a point of view using appropriate information and theoretical concepts. 3.1 Appropriately engage with quantitative and qualitative data to perform strategic analysis. 4.3 Identify the ethical aspects involved in the strategy process and their practical implications. 4.4 Reflect on how strategic management can inform practice and next steps of career progression and development. Assignment tasks TMA 01 is made up of four parts. You need to complete all of the parts. Part 1 Read the information provided on the company in ‘Materials’, ‘Part 1’. Introduce the company and briefly say what it does. Summarise the main milestones of its history. Then discuss how the company’s vision, mission, values and goals might orient its strategy. Your answer to this part should be no more than 900 words. (35 marks) Example: Starling Bank was founded in 2014. Its founders built a fully functioning retail bank on its proprietary information systems technology in less than 18 months. In 2016 it was granted its UK banking licence, launching its first mobile-only retail current account in May 2017. Less than a year later it was voted Best British Bank 2018. In March 2018 it launched a business current account aimed at sole traders and micro-enterprises. The Starling Bank app contains smart money management tools. Customers can instantly set up standing orders and payments, manage direct debits and connect with their digital wallet of choice (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pat, etc.). Starling Bank provides real-time updates of any account activity, insights on spending habits and 24/7 customer support. It has a Marketplace where customers can access third-party financial services, maintaining full control over their data. Starling Bank also offers ‘banking-as-a-service,’ which Fintechs, corporates and governments can use to provide financial services without actually having a banking licence.