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Read the articles below and here is a journal sample( as u seen, I need 4 parts: summary,Authors Purpose, at least 3 quotations and critical analysis)

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English 101

Critical Thinking Journal of “Obedience to Authority”

Summary: The story revolves around the findings from experiments that ware conducted at Yale University. The experiment included two volunteers who then believed they were in for a study of memory and learning. One was to take the role of a teacher and the other a student; the former would be expected to remember a pair of words, failure to which pain would be inflicted on them by the teacher. Little did the teachers know the other subject was just an actor, and the purpose of the experiment was to find out how they would treat the subject under given orders? The findings from the experiments point out the extend humans would go inflicting pain on their fellows in the name of obeying authority and belief of taking part in something of a greater cause. Such actions were attributed to hierarchy, love of duty, and fear of disobeying orders.

Authors Purpose: The author’s purpose in writing this story is to elaborate on how the power of authority outweighs the moral being within an individual. Although a few people would turn out differently, most of the individuals would go to much further extend in the name of loyalty to authority and call of duty.

Quotes: “I was just following orders” (1). It the kind of phrase individuals use to justify their actions even though it would involve humiliating others.

“If this person is dumb enough not to be able to remember the word pairs, they deserve to be punished” (1). A thought that the subject is just as good as nothing.

“Culture has taught us how to obey authority but not how to obey authority that is morally reprehensible” (2). Only a few individuals would stick to their sense of being human.

Critical Analysis: I would say the story answers a lot of questions, questions as to why the life of humans wouldn’t just matter to other individuals. It all revolves around authority. No one seems to be an exception; arguably, a few individuals would choose to stick to their morals.