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When you compile a program it produces an OBJECT file. A number of these object files (along with library files) are combined into an EXECUTABLE file by the LINKER. It is the linker’s responsibility to combine the objects and resolve as many references as possible and produce an executable format file. The LOADER Is responsible for converting the executable image on disk to a runnable process in memory. This involves the relocation of the program to its starting point in memory as well as any dynamic linking and loading.


Compare and contrast the linker versus the loader and detail the features and structures of each. Show the actual specification of the embedded data structures and how they are transformed in the linking and loading processes.


The paper must include an abstract, detailed explanations, diagrams, references and were necessary a glossary of terms. The paper must also include a detailed bibliography of all cited and referenced materials. It is expected that this paper be at least 4 pages in length not including diagrams, abstract and bibliography.