lab 1 tables

This needs to be done in visual studio 2019: the material below needs to be in SQL format so I can add to my current tables.

Now that we have a relatively good understanding about creating tables. We will need to go a step farther and start using them. This assignment will consist of a few requirements –

  • You will be creating a Registration table and a Course Instructor table
  • Registration will be used to register student into a section.
  • Course Instructor will be used to register faculty with a section.
  • Both tables will require Primary Keys so that a student cannot register for same section more than once and same for faculty.
  • Both tables will need to maintain referential integrity. You need to be an instructor in order to register to teach a section and a section needs to be valid, etc. This should be done through Foreign Keys.
  • You should create the parent keys before trying to create the child records.
  • You will need to add 5 rows of data to each table, which is 35 total records across your schema.
  • For the records in each table. You will need to use sequences. This will enable you to create a surrogate key for all your records.