lab 4 word frequencies

lab 4 word frequencies.


Write a program that prompts the user for a list of words separated by spaces. Your program should then call a function to output those words and their frequencies. The function does not have to return a value: you can print the output from within the function.

Sample Transcript

Enter words: The important part of the United States of America is the united part.
the 3
important 1
part 2
of 2
united 2
states 1
america 1
is 1


2 points – the program collects the sentence from the user and splits all of the words into a list
2 point – the items of the list (ie: words from the user’s sentence) get output line by line
2 points – each word in the output is followed by the number of times it occurs in the sentence
1 point – the program ignores uppercase letters, so ‘The’ gets counted along with ‘the’
1 point – the program strips punctuation marks, so ‘part.’ (period attached) gets counted along with ‘part’
1 point – redundant counts are eliminated (ie, “the 3” is output only once, not three times)
1 point – put the code in a function that you can call like this: count_frequencies(wordlist)


The order in which I listed the points breakdown is the order in which I think it makes the most sense to tackle writing the program. For example, the first thing I’d try to get working would be the input from the user. You’re getting a string of words separated by spaces and splitting them into a list. As usual, the documentation can help a lot on this assignment, especially the part about common sequence operations. Getting some output to the screen is a good next step in order to test your program, and it’s worth 2 points so it’s pretty important. Getting the count of each word is listed third, and worth 2 points as well, so if you get the first three steps of the assignment working, you’ve got more than half the points already. The last four points are for additional enhancements that you can make.

common sequence operations.

lab 4 word frequencies