lab report writing about tlc and column chromatography

Lab report Writing:

Abstract: last thing to write (A short paragraph describing the aims, results and outcomes of the experiment or investigation. One to two sentences for each of these sections should be sufficient. Do not use references within the abstract section. The complete abstract should be no more than 200 words. Generally the information can be presented in five or six well chosen sentences.)

Introduction:TLC and Column Chromatography, Artificial food pigments (Dyes) and different polarities.

Materials and Methods: as per the Manuals. You can summarize and illustrate.

Results and Discussion: use data from the figure 7 in ppt.. Don’t forget to write the results before adding graphs and tables.


References in the write format, at least 5, most of them coming from papers, 10 % you can use educational content:


using the manuals and ppt.

take care of plagiarism percentage.