lab zybooks online 7 challenge activity and 2 lab activity

I have two lab assignment. One of them is posted below. I also have 7 (very)short challenge activity.

Create a program using classes that does the following in the zyLabs developer below. For this lab, you will be working with two different class files. To switch files, look for where it says “Current File” at the top of the developer window. Click the current file name, then select the file you need.

(1) Create two files to submit:

  • – Class definition
  • – Contains main() method

Build the ItemToPurchase class with the following specifications:

  • Private fields
    • String itemName – Initialized in default constructor to “none”
    • int itemPrice – Initialized in default constructor to 0
    • int itemQuantity – Initialized in default constructor to 0
  • Default constructor
  • Public member methods (mutators & accessors)
    • setName() & getName() (2 pts)
    • setPrice() & getPrice() (2 pts)
    • setQuantity() & getQuantity() (2 pts)

(2) In main(), prompt the user for two items and create two objects of the ItemToPurchase class. Before prompting for the second item, call scnr.nextLine(); to allow the user to input a new string. (2 pts)