Latin America Cinema

 1. Discuss the ways in which Neobarroque cinema stylistically and thematically incorporates the colonial history of Latin America. It is expected that you use all the bibliographical references at your disposal—i.e., both primary and secondary sources—and quote them following MLA style. In every question you must refer to relevant films covered in class, demonstrate an understanding of film-style, and use proper terminology to analyze films formally. Each short essay must be 500 to 600 words long. You will be penalized if your answers do not meet, or considerably exceed, the word limit. Each answer must be structured as an argumentative essay—with a clear thesis, which you must underline, a multi-paragraph body, and a conclusion. (33 points / essay) Refere to the film “The milk of sorrow”. The film can be found in the internert, as well as the information.