Law enforcement and Use of canines in the National Parks system. why having dogs as partners are important.

All work will be typed (word processed) with double line space on 8.5″ x 11″ white paper in 12 pitch type size in either Times or Times New Roman font (this syllabus is in Times).Margins will be 1-inch top, bottom and sides. APA will be the only citation style used.You must use a minimum of 4 published (in print) references, 4 Internet (electronic) references, and two human (interview) references. You will provide a complete bibliography that will include all paper and electronic sources, interviews (personal or telephonic), and correspondences.All pages will be numbered except the title page.Page one (unnumbered) will be the title page. Page two (and numbered as such) will begin with a title heading, followed by a one-paragraph abstract not exceeding 150 words. Page three onward will be the body of the text. Quotations must be used sparingly and are limited to 50 words per quote and a total of 200 words for all quotes combined.