LAW2477 Commercial Law Associate Degree Business

LAW2477 Commercial Law Associate Degree Business

LAW2477 Commercial Law Associate Degree Business.
Essentially the 2 main sources of law are:

1.Acts of Parliament (Statutes, Legislation) and

2.Case Law (Judge made law, Common Law, Precedent) What does AustLII do?

Tribunals: Federal and State Bodies

a.Research the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (VCAT).

b.List the divisions of VCAT and give two examples of the types of disputes the tribunal may deal with

c.Explain three advantages of having a specialised tribunal to support business and individuals

Research the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

•Explain the role of the AAT

•Describe three important functions of the AAT in relation to business

Topics which must be addressed in your letter of complaint:

·Purpose of Australian Consumer Law

·Discussion of s18 ACL-elements must be outlined

·Explanation of how s18 of the ACL has been breached in your situation

·Remedy expected

·Action to be taken and with whom if your problem is not remedied satisfactorily

Now that you can start to breathe a sigh of relief and work towards preparing for your exams, we would like you to reflect on the following. Please be honest, courteous and mindful in your responses.

·Explain with an example how knowledge about the Australian legal system generally and business in particular will help you succeed in your chosen career
o(Refer to material studied weeks 1-4)

·Summarise a case study in negligence that you came across during the course which highlights the impact of this area of law on business and individuals
o(Refer to material studied week 6 and 7)

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·Summarise a case study in contract that you came across during our course which highlights the importance for business and individuals to understand their obligations under this area of law