Leadership Custom Essay

Restoring the character. œAn emerging paradigm for health; BF637.S8C68 1990 ¦. E5 1989 a p.1-172. Introduction It is enthusiastic to have read Covey’s book, the seven principles of highly effective people. He seems to be enlightened on how people should interact with their immediate environment in order to lead an effective lifestyle. His is an overview on the rampant challenges that earthly people face, why they face them, their pronounced effects to them and most important, he addresses appropriate remedies that can counteract the poor interactions. He has clearly outlined the virtues that highly effective individuals should have; how to attain them and the repercussions of such principles to the individuals. I boldly identify with coveys assumptions that human beings are everyday facing similar challenges, thus leading ineffective lives in the contemplary world that demands effectiveness. Nevertheless, the arguments he poses seem to favor a perfect kind of life which seems hard to adopt and at the same time, his recommendations are kind of too hard to be applicable in a real life situation. Excellent principles are fundamental tools to an effective and quality living (Covey, 1989).

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