Learning Outcomes Project: School Merger Proposal


Title Page: Learning Outcomes Project: School Merger Proposal Abstract (maximum of 120 words): The abstract should summarize the major points of your proposal and the intended outcome including ideas for 11/3/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing https://www.writershub.org/writer/orders/494557#instructions 5/7 involving all stakeholders and ways to address the needs of a diverse population of students. Body (8–10 pages total; excluding title and reference pages): Introduction: As you create this Final Project, you are to assume the role of the superintendent of Grand City School District. As you craft the proposal, create it through the viewpoint and perspective as though you were proposing this to the district. This should include your goals and objectives of the proposal as well as with whom you would collaborate (e.g., administrators, stakeholders, students) to ensure a successful merger. Include an explanation of your leadership role in addressing the challenges of this merger and how you would respect the diversity of all students. Explain how your professional disposition will aid you in this situation. Content Explain how you merge the culture of the two schools while keeping a positive learning experience taking into consideration similarities and differences between the two schools. What theory or research supports your communication style regarding diversity to foster inquiry, collaboration, and interaction in learning within the context of the merger? How can effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication foster inquiry, collaboration, and interaction in learning to make the merger successful? Explain how you create a learning environment for a diverse school population that encourages social interaction, active learning, and intrinsic motivation when two schools merge. Explain and provide a rationale for the strategies you would implement to merge the faculty, community, and students into one school. Describe challenges that might arise and explain how you would collaborate with others to address those challenges.

Explain how you might adapt your leadership style to accommodate the variety of diverse stakeholders in the merging of these two schools. Explain how you might ensure cultural competence, collaboration, and use of resources to ensure the proposal to merge is successful (disposition, diversity, and technology as a means of communication). Explain how you will display moral and ethical behavior in this scenario and how your display enhances effective collaboration. Explain how you might integrate Fullan’s model in your proposal, and use evidence of best practices supported by current research to support the use of Fullan’s model. As the Superintendent merging two schools: Explain the importance of leadership in the area of technology, keeping in mind the continuous evolution of knowledge and the tools used to learn and how that might impact the merger. Describe the challenges you might encounter related to technology. Explain how you would support the diverse technology needs of students, teachers, families, and other stakeholders. Reflective Summary (1-2 pages): Explain what you believe to be the most important knowledge, skills, and dispositions in your professional practice as a leader in education. Focus on the collaborative facilitation skills, professional dispositions, diversity proficiencies, and technology proficiencies you needed as you assumed the role of the superintendent of Grand City School District in your School Merger Proposal. Given the knowledge, skills, and dispositions you identified above, explain areas you would need to improve to successfully achieve the merger of these two schools. Propose specific actions you might take to develop professionally in these areas. Reference Page: All resources must be within the last 5 years with exception to seminal course materials