Leukotriene Antagonists as First-Line or Add-on Asthma-Controller Therapy

What type of data is being assessed (nominal, ordinal, continuous) Are the statistical tests used to evaluate the data appropriate Is the effect size clinically relevant Evaluate the results in absolute values and calculate number needed to treat (NNT), if applicable. Were subgroups and/or secondary endpoints evaluated? If so what significance can we take from them? What type of data is being analyzed? Is the data parametric or non-parametric? Is the data paired or unpaired? Is the test appropriate for the data? What is the sample size? ? Is the study enrollment enough to detect a difference? ? What endpoint(s) was the trial powered to detect? ? Is the effect size clinically relevant? ? Can you calculate a NNT? ? Can you calculate a NNH? ? Was it an ITT or per-protocol analysis? How does this impact the analysis of the results? ? Were subgroups analyzed? Were these analyses planned a priori? Are the results of these subgroup analyses valid/generalizable? ? Do patients need to be stratified?

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