LGBT BULLYING and the intervention programme


The topic fo thesis is LGBT BULLYING and the intervention programme I did is ALL of US from safe school coalition. Implication and limitation is the last part of thesis. The other parts such as literature review, intervention programme, implementation and evaluation have been done and attached for the reference of this last piece of work. FOR THE IMPLICATION: compare it with other research (i have attached the rubric, some class notes from the professor for reference) For the LIMITATION: Talk about the distractions in the class during the programme, talk about different culture such as participants from Indian cultural background were hesitant to compare it with western culture. also add that the students lost their glossary background, the facilitator should have explored with the students more reasons they did not have their sheets with them: is there any embarrassment to keep those sheets, is the family environment not safe to take the sheet back to the house. Also, add the facilitator should have given participants time to discuss the questions among them before class discussions. Add these points also you can add more related to the programme. I HAVE ATTACHED ALL THE PAST WORK OF THESIS AND THE RUBRIC, NOTE THAT IMPLICATION SHOULD BE RELATED TO THE LITERATURE REVIEW ATTACHED. PLEASE REFER TO THE RUBRIC, WEEK 7 AND 9 FILE ADDED TO WORK ON IMPLICATION AND LIMITATION.