liberay 100 do find an peer reviewed article in jstor


Search through the library database for a peer-reviewed article published in the last 15 years on a topic that you are either learning about in another class or a topic that interests you.

You will want to use the following limiters in your search:

Advanced Search

Select articles in Item type

Basic Search

limit to journals and use dates limitors

Then answer the following:

1. Quote or paraphrase something interesting from the article. Use a MLA in-text citation () to cite your quote or paraphrase.

2. Evaluate the article’s authority (remember CRAAP). Who is the author, what college, university, etc. are they associated with? What are their credentials? You can also do a search for the author in Google Scholar or JSTOR to see if they have written other things on the subject. Answer in one to two sentences.

3. Copy and paste the MLA 8 Works Cited citation here.