literary analysis

Write a four page paper that combines the genres of
literary analysis and memoir. For the literary analysis, examine how Frank or Ycidra or
both physically and metaphorically return ‘home’. How do they come to value
themselves and to stand up like men in the face of experiences where they have felt
shame or abuse? How does their wrestling with these experiences allow them to come
home not just to a place, but to themselves? Then align their return next to a memory or
experience from your life that you have often returned to. Choose a memory of a time
when the strength and beauty of who you are was challenged because of the
assumptions or actions of yourself or of another that revealed ignorance of your full
humanity, dignity and value. Consider how there is a way that you have come ‘home’
to yourself by overcoming such an experience and embracing your own worth. Align
your experience of coming ‘home’ to your sense of self with the way either Frank or
Ycidra or both come home to their own senses of self value as well.


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