Literary Analysis on Book “Calling a Wolf a Wolf” by Kaveh Akbar

Description : Your essay must conform to MLA (8th Ed.) format and style in all respects. It should be a MINIMUM of 4 full pages to a MAXIMUM of 5 full pages, not including your Works Cited page. MLA format and style is required in all aspects of your essay, including the use of Times New Roman 12-point font with 1” margins on all sides with left justification only and double-spacing throughout. The following are absolutely required: a) a heading; b) a running header; c) a creative title; d) an introductory hook; and e) a clear, concise and argumentative thesis statement. You must have 5 sources (this is a minimum number, and you may incorporate more if you wish) and a properly formatted Works Cited Page. Your 5 sources should consist of the following: a) two of Akbar’s poems; b) one credible online/web source of your choice that supports your thesis; and d) two scholarly sources from the research databases available through Sims Memorial Library (such as JStor) that support your thesis. You must cite to your sources parenthetically in your essay in accordance with MLA format. You must address the prompt in your essay. I am also comparing the two stories “Terminal” and “Hunger” and how whatever the poem means describe how the author is feeling and why he does what he does.