literary criticism response 2 1 pg short story 1

Minimum of a 90 required, please shoot for 100 percent, only one page

Response should be on Booker T. Washington’s
“Atlanta Compromise” , which is atatched

Literary Criticism Response:

Assignment: Find a work of academic literary criticism (published in an academic journal, over 9 pages long) about the author or literary text we are reading. Write an MLA citation for this literary criticism. Then, write at least a ½ page summary of the author’s argument. Finally, write at least a ½ page of your personal response: what you liked/disliked, what you learned, how it changed your view of the text, what you could not understand, etc.

1) Research: You can find good academic literary criticism through the library databases. Go to Click Databases, and then click all databases.The first database, Academic Search Premier, is a good choice. Search by the author’s name and/or the title of the literary text. Don’t just pick the first article that appears. Try to find one on our specific literary text that is interesting and understandable.

2) MLA Citation: The Purdue OWL webpage has the MLA rules. The format for academic journals is the following: Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Journal, Volume, Issue, Year, pages.

3) Accurately and precisely summarize the article’s argument for at least a ½ page.

4) Personally and thoughtfully respond to the argument for at least a ½ page.

This time around, you should find an academic work of literary criticism about one of the short stories or short story authors that we read. I recommend you think ahead to the story you are going to write your next essay on. You can use this work of literary criticism to deepen your understanding of the story or even as a source for that paper.