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Subject of the paper: Family in Two Plays

Requirement: I’m asking you to make a connection between two of the three major plays we are discussing:A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, Proof by David Auburn, and How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel.All three of these plays are about family in one way or another.Make a more specific connection between the characters, plots, or themes of two of these plays to articulate some idea about families that emerges from your readings of them.Your inquiry should result in a thesis that can hold your paper together and advance an original idea.

Other information: You might find it useful to narrow the topic right away: “family” is deliberately broad.Note that all of the protagonists of the plays are women: is that significant?Think about generations: do they view the importance of family differently?Think about the notion of an acceptable “role” in a family (a term also associated with drama, of course!).Consider the tension between the needs of a family and the needs of an individual within a family.Consider the way individual families develop their own rules or codes in addition to the norms for families more generally.

Think carefully and creatively about how two of these plays intersect with regard to family dynamics.You’ll eventually come up with an argument that relies on evidence from the text.


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