literature writing pulkkinen riikka novel true

This paper is based on Pulkkinen Riikka’s True

Part 1.For your first post, choose one quote (about 3-7 sentences in length) from the novel True that you think reveals something significant about Anna’s character. Write a short textual analysis (minimum 350 words), where you analyze and interpret the quote while paying particular attention to both the form and content of the quote. (choose this quote from page 1-200).

Use tips from the close reading explanation from this week’s Lecture notes! Some examples of questions to consider in your response: How would you describe the narration of your quote, is there consciousness representation (if yes, what kind)? What makes the quote significant/interesting/strange? Is there anything interesting going on in terms of, for example, narrative time (tempo, frequency, order), imagery, mind-guessing, or gender? What do we learn about Anna based on the quote? At the end of your analysis, relate the quote to the rest of the novel; what does it add to our understanding of the rest of the story (so far) and/or the chapter where it is located?

Part 2:

In your second post this week, answer the following questions :

1. (minimum 350 words)•How did your reading of Eeva (and the other characters of the novel) change after realizing that she is Anna’s artistic construction?•Do you think that Anna gives a voice to Eeva, who is otherwise silenced, or does this narrative technique silence Eeva even more, since we only get an illusion of hearing her own story? Justify your answer!

2. (minimum 200 words)•Finally, what have your overall thoughts on True been so far? How have you reacted to the novel? Anything that has caught your interest and that hasn’t yet been brought up in the slides or in the weekly discussion?