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Lonestar College-CyFair’ History 1302-T.Kelly Book Exam I-Summer for the Gods 1) The Scopes Trial was on one level a battle between the forces of conservatism and the forces of modernization. But on another level it was an almost personal battle between W/illiam Jennings Bryan and modernism. Explain the background of the debate over teaching evolution in schools and discuss how Bryan gave new life to an argument that many considered finished. 2) The American Civil Liberties Union was a key player in the events in Dayton Tennessee. Chapter Three discusses the ACLU and its mission to defend individual liberties in the v œUnited States. Discuss the origins of the ACLU and the reasons why their ideas of personal? liberty conflicted with Bryan’s vision of America. s 3) Chapters four and five-discuss the beginnings of the trial and the development of the legal positions involved. Explain how the personalities of Bryan and Darrow affected the form of the trial. In your opinion, did the pre-trial positioning affect the outcome? 4) Chapter Seven is entitled œThe Trial of the Century. Explain how and why the Scopes Trial became so significant to America in 1925. Did the issues involved, and the outcome really deserve the publicity generated by this trial? Was it really that important? 5) Chapter Nine discusses how the trial has become part of America’s accepted wisdom. Many people have been taught about this trial using versions of the story that were crafted after the fact and were themselves edited versions of reality intended to sell books. What is YOUR opinion of this trial and how do you see its impact in American history. ls evolution really an œanti-religion theory? Does it really matter to American students if it is œanti-Christian or not?

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