longitudinal method compared with 5 other methods in text book

longitudinal method compared with 5 other methods in text book

Instructions on longitudinal method compared with 5 other methods in text book, Compare and Contrast Research Methods A 1500 word essay comparing and contrasting research approaches and methods with five others that are covered in your textbook.

This will require an in depth reading of the entire textbook. The assignments should develop your ability to conceptualize, reason, reflect, evaluate, analyze and/or synthesize the material in the chapters, plus you will provide examples of where these methods/approaches can be applied).

Compare and Contrast Research Methods Here is explanation from prof email: A few students have contacted me about clarification of the next research essay on comparing methods.

You can use the method that you researched for your Individual  that was assigned to you as a starting point (basis) or a comparison point for your other five methodologies.



The other methodologies can be chosen from the list below (additional research methods used in business research but not posted below can be used): Qualitative methods “ informal and in-depth interviews Qualitative methods “ focus groups Qualitative methods “

Participant observation Qualitative Methods “ Ethnography Qualitative Methods “ Biographical research Questionnaire-Based surveys Case Studies Experimental Methods Textual analysis Longitudinal Studies Panel Surveys Projective Techniques Use of Scales Meta-analysis Action Research Historical Research Media “ sponsored surveys Delphi technique Case Studies Observation You have the option of adding others of your choice e.g., triangulation etc. if you choose.

Please note that although there are brief descriptions of each of the methods in your textbook, and more detail provided on the later chapters in the textbook, you will find that the information is inadequate to fully complete the assignment. You will need to find more information on the application (examples) from the academic literature/websites/centres/government populations etc.

The textbook is from 2005 and some examples will be fairly dated. I would expect that you would provide more up to date examples (i.e., do not use the application examples from the text book, find new ones).

As well if the description is inadequate to fully understand the research method in the textbook, or only briefly covered, you will also need to do background research. As this is a comparative essay, I would recommend that you include a Table where you demonstrate the differences, similarities, and application (otherwise you will run out of space).

As with all assignments all references used will need to be shown in APA Format at the end of the assignment (and of course proper APA format within the writing).

I have not given you a specific number of references in this particular assignment, but I would expect that you will use some from your previous assignment, and a minimum of five refereed journal articles (one for each method application) additional ones.

Please note that as MBA students, I expect that the resources that I recommend, e.g., textbooks, chapters are just a starting point for your assignments.

All assignments require additional research in the academic literature (for example some of the groups used 20 additional references as background for completing their Biography Presentation, I would consider this the norm rather than the exception to work at the MBA level especially with four to six students working on the topic).

Always ensure that you include a reference list, and always ensure that this is in APA format. Failure to do so will be considered plagiarism. I hope that this helps to clarify the Individual Assignment