major essay 4 research based rhetorical argument using dialectics 1

Annotate Bibliography:

  1. 4 academic sources
  2. 2 free choice sources
  3. Organize as discussed in class and demonstrated on OWL at Purdue
  4. Submit: Annotated Bibliography and all articles with annotations, stapled together


  1. Choose a controversial topic, a list of suggestions is offered below
  2. Research, using the PSU library and databases
    1. Must use a minimum of 6 academic sources (3 in support of and 3 for opposition of) and 4 free choice resources
  3. Organize in proper MLA format
  4. Write a 5-6 page research paper does the same as Major Essay 3 and adds the requirement of dialectical argument, specifically, addressing oppositional concern. Remember to use “Yes, but…” statements and paraphrasing as discussed
  5. Specific Items to be graded: Everything from Major Essay 3 with the addition of dialectical arguments.