making questions 1

make two Multiple choice questions, one short essay question, one Calculation problem (also give right answers, For multiple choices, explain the reason why you think it is important for students to distinguish the correct answer from incorrect ones.

The topics are about

Bond Market, Mortgage Markets, Foreign Exchange Markets, Credit Risk Management, Interest Rate Risk

  • You cannot have two similar questions/computational problems. If that happens, the second one does not count.
  • You can build your questions from regular lecture slides, out of class activity sheets, math problem assignments, end-of-chapter questions and projects. But you CANNOT simply copy from these materials, which will render a zero score. A 90% similarity is also undesirable.
  • Providing incorrect solutions will lower your score.
  • Copying from textbook but not covered in lecture slides will cause troubles, and so that will lower your score.
  • Questions too straightforward get lower score.