man3303 discussion 6

After reading chapter 10, read the case: Management in Action (J C Penney) page 354.

Consider all of the content in chapter 11 in your analysis of this case. Answer questions 1 and 2 in the book on page 355 as your initial post. Provide one responsive post to comment on another student’s post.

Provide an initial response of 300 words by Thursday and one reply response of 100 words by Sunday. Use formal writing. Errors will reduce your grade. Grading will only consider content relating to management concepts.

Respond by extending the discussion by adding new insights, different examples from your experience, or from other sources. Apply critical thinking. Agreement, quoting other learners, or repeating the case content will count as zero words and zero points. Paraphrasing or quoting a quality external source in support of your ideas will enhance your score. You must cite and reference external content in accordance with APA content standards.

Will provide pictures of the text book pages required.