The purpose of this project is to provide students with the opportunity to thoroughly research a publicly-traded company by employing many of the tools introduced in the course. In addition, this project introduces students to many of the business analysis tools, as well as the grading scale for written reports used in Strategic Management. FOR THE FOLLOWING THE TOPIC WILL BE ON “DISNEY Co.: STUDIO ENTERTAINMENT” SWOT Analysis ○ Create a standard SWOT graphic with 3-5 bullet points under each section of S-W-O-T. ○ Follow the graphic with approx 100 words for each area (S-W-O-T) expanding on the bullet points you put in the graphic. Products and Services ○ Group these together to give the reader a clear view without too much detail (graphic or max 2 paragraphs) Financial Performance Overview ○ Include at least 5 key financial ratios, what they mean to the company (2 paragraphs max) ○ Include graphics as needed to demonstrate the most significant numbers. Ethics ○ Following the ethical framework from BUS 300s, identify main groups of key stakeholders.