management 350 project 4 pages

Your new group project allows you to experience being a stakeholder of a firm – an activist from civil society, to be exact. In this current time when we all feel so unable to act, you will have the opportunity to take real action. Your mission is to choose a company that is engaging in practices that you disagree with. This can be any company that has operations in the US.

Step 1. Identify a company and a practice that you would like to see changed. Do your research – learn about the company, the practice, the stakeholder groups negatively impacted, etc.

Step 2. Go to the Group Project forum in the discussion board – there is a link to it in this folder. Please create a new thread and name it with your group number, ie Group X (if you are a subset of your original group, please use your group number plus a letter. Example – Group 4A). Everything you post about your project should be done within this thread.

Step 3. Your first post should introduce the people in your group and provide a description of your project. It should include what company you are targeting, why you are targeting them, and the goal of your campaign.

Step 4. Your second post should summarize the research you conducted – this is your chance to educate me and your classmates about the problem you identified and the company that is behind it.

Step 5. Get creative! This is where your projects will diverge. Develop a campaign to deliver the change that you want to see happen. Depending on the company you selected and the practice you’re trying to change, your actions might include: an online petition, a social media education campaign (start a hashtag, make a video, etc.), writing a letter to the editor of relevant publications, contacting local, state, or federal law makers and legislators, reaching out to decision makers in the company, etc. I’m happy to help you with this stage of the project – a zoom meeting is highly recommended!

Step 6. Take action! Start your campaign – do the things that you planned. Post the things you do in your project discussion board thread. You can enlist the help of your classmates in this campaign – they are also probably stakeholders that you can try to mobilize.

Step 7. Report your findings. Post about what you learned from the process – how hard was it? Did you mobilize people? Did you get a response from the company? Did anything change?

Ongoing responsibilities – you will also be responsible, as individuals, for engaging with the projects of your classmates throughout what remains of the semester. Give them feedback (you can post questions to the group and ask for help if you feel stuck), offer ideas, provide support and encouragement, etc.