management and organizational behavior read the book then write a brief to answer the question of a case

Select a case study of your choice from the options noted below. Both case studies are from your text. Your assignment is to answer all 3 questions completely based on your learnings and understanding of the concepts that were discussed from that chapter in the class.

CASE INCIDENT 2: Intragroup Trust and Survival

CHAPTER 9 – Foundations of Group Behavior; Page 317

Grading Rubric – There are 21 points for this assignment. Students can write 2-3 pages for individual submission. Each question of this assignment is worth 10 points. Address all three questions of this assignment separately and completely. All answers will be assessed based on written communication skills, your understanding of the concepts of OB, and your critical thinking skills.

Font Style and Size -Times New Roman size 12 with 1.5 line space.

Students will lose points for inappropriate grammar and sentence construction, or half answers which are not fully explained.