Management Principles

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Best Manager Assignment

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Assignment #1: MG301 Management Principles

Describe the best manager you have encountered and give your reasons.

  • Approximately 2-3 double-spaced pages
  • Paper is paginated
  • Proper grammar and spelling
  • Any references used have parenthetical (within text) citations.
  • The paper has a works cited page using the references.
  • Paper uses proper APA style (details on this style are available in the Canvas Resources tab)
  • No bullets are used.
  • Submit the document as a file. Use your name and initials in the submission (for example: sbrosche best manager.docx

Some guidance:

  1. Describe the environment or business with which this person is/was associated.
  2. What is/was your relationship to this person?
  3. What qualities did this person display which made her/him effective?
  4. As we all have shortcomings, what are this person’s shortcomings?
  5. Which of the qualities and traits of this person do you believe are important to emulate or avoid? Why?
  6. In considering a future work situation, what are the key qualities you would value in a manager?

Management Principles

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