Mass Shooter

The goal of the proposal is to help your mentor understand why you are doing what you are doing: Why did you select this topic? Why is it important to you? What are the key issues you will address? What is your position on the issue? The more information you provide in the proposal, the better your mentor will be able to follow your intent and help you complete your final paper. Please use the following guidelines to create your proposal: Include a complete, fully formulated reaction statement that clearly states the problem and defines the key issues you are addressing. Present the structure and basic content of your paper—the sections it will have and the areas, ideas, theories, issues, etc. you will present. Abstract Statement of the problem Literature review, Analysis and Defense of your position Conclusion List all the references you will use in proper APA format. Remember, a minimum of five references, excluding the course textbook, is required. Use a variety of references, not just one type of reference. You need to show that you can access documents, web pages, texts, people, etc.