Mathematics, 1- A fellow 085 student comes to you and asks you why 6x^4 * 5x^3 does NOT equal 30x^12. She say, œIf you multiply the coefficients, then you should multiply the exponents too, right? Write a paragraph explaining to her why her reasoning does not work. You cannot say œThe Product Rule says that you add the exponents. Assume the student doesn’t understand or even believe in the rule 2- Your best friend says her aced 085 years ago and he thins that (6x^4)^3 = 18x^7. Write a paragraph pointing out his mistake and explain how he should think about the problem. Again, do not refer to the œrule in the book 3- Write a paragraph on why we simplify p^4+3p^4 but we can’t simplify p^4+4p^3. Use the distributive property in your explanation of both problems

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