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Media Campaign

Media Campaign


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Woolworths is the leading supermarket chain in Australia, held by Woolworths Limited and competing only with Wesfarmers. The company was set up in 1924, opening the first store in Imperial Arcade, Sydney(Woolworths Supermarket 2017).Their first advertising campaign put forward the message that Woolworths was needed by every city and everyone to get good things at a cheap price. Woolworths stands at number 2 in the top 2000 Australian companies, generating most of its income from supermarkets and grocery stores. It is also Australia’s biggest employer, employing 20500 people in Australia(Woolworths Ltd – Retail 2016). The company has decided to launch a new service of theirs, using the latest advancements in technologies for the benefit of the deprived people of the community –offer customised social media training to the poor people so that the can contribute something worthwhile to the society.

Image 1. Logo of Woolworths

Source: (Woolworths Supermarket 2017)

SWOT Analysis


·         Market leader in Australian retail sector

·         Enjoys leadership position

·         Market position helps in exploiting the market potential with the help of technological and human resources

·         Wise application of resources is owed to the macro environmental factors

·         External factors have aided Woolworths in reducing its carbon footprint and discovering cost effective ways of reducing wastage(Woolworths Limited – Corporate Responsibility Report 2015).


·         Macro environmental factors weakened Woolworth’s growth strategy in dominating Australian retail market

·         Australian government restricted Woolworths move to keep higher prices for its products in union with Coles

·         Higher growth levels are weakened by governmental restrictions



·         Australia retail industry has good growth potential

·         Computerisationand advancement in lifestyles and supply chains have influenced the abilities of retailers and increased their opportunities for growth

·         Woolworths is aiming to embrace advancements by adopting multi-option retailing strategy to cope with fluctuating customer needs


·         The threat of high level of competition from Wesfarmers and Coles

·         Huge amounts of government interventionshave the potential to hinder Woolworthsgrowth in the Australian retail industry

Table 1. SWOT Analysis of Woolworths

Source: (As created by author)

Aims And Objectives

The essential aim of this campaign planning is to introduce a durable and extensive open unveiling of Woolworths Social Media Tutor and to create beginning target market mindfulness, association and acquirement.

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  • Establish the existence of the new service on social media
  • Publication of novel content
  • With the help of meaningful discussion, draw in community members and retain them

Statement Of Communication Problems

Australia has a large number of people who are still unaware of the many things that social media has gifted to the society. Keeping in mind their corporate social responsibilities, Woolworths has decided to launch this training program so that more and more people can become employment literate and use their talents and the social media knowledge to gain or contribute something useful to the society. There is always the risk of social media disaster that can hamper performance and productivity of any firm. Most of the workers are unaware of the firm’s internal social network, leading to losing sight and productivity(Meister 2012).

Stakeholder/Key Target Market

Individuals are beginning to recoup candidly from the downturn of the economy and positive thinking is on the ascent. There is by all accounts to a greater degree an ability to put resources into individual and expert change since the downturn of the economy. Details indicate under 16% of organizations are outsourcing any part of their social media marketing, however social media advertisers are on the ascent (Scott 2015). Guardians and teachers are starting to exchange and investigate the dangers and potential outcomes for understudies with respect to online notoriety administration. These patterns make a promotion of business experts who call for getting up to hustle rapidly on social media, and a promotion of grown-ups who are being practical in hunting out arrangements down their absence of information encompassing their high schooler’s utilization of social media. Social media has formally settled its authenticity as a marketing field through cutting edge measurements and positive insights that have been exceedingly advertised and talked about (Scott 2015).