Melody Theory

most time of this course,what we did is our professor play a piece of music or melodic and she perform movements with the melodic,and all the students follow professor to do the same thing.(we called this MB)Sometimes,professor play a melodic and ask us to perform whatever movements we want,just feel the music and melodic,and let body to feel it and do any movements. Sometimes,professor play some videos wich pretty simillar to MB (what we always do in weekly class)but that is a group dancing like a choreography. Sometimes,professor popularize some theoretical knowledge of dancing to us(the theoretical is included in the sencond file i sent )Recently,in the last three classes,all the students are required to do a final dance for like three minutes, its like a choreography,students find group members and disscus which music to use and which movements to use and also should care and pay attention with space,time in our dance. PS:please disregard the title “natty” which is not related to this order