Methods for teaching basic statistics courses

Methods for teaching basic statistics courses

This paper is intended to show helpful and enjoyable ways of teaching statistics to college students that have non- statistics background, 10 percent of them migh know something about it though. I am basically working in collecting and writing best materials that is being used to teach basic concepts of statistics. Moreover, I have an adviser that will check my progress every 10 days approximately, so any written paper should never have being used before (no plagiarism) Therefore, I want the paper to be as guidelines for my  preparation.

In the following are points that somehow have to be in the paper and I would love to see more from your experience.

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* importance of statistics and probability in our daily life and in science.

* previous point might have some quotations from scientists or statisticians.

* other professors experience in teaching statistics (if possible)

* previous point migh have your experince( can switch it to statistics)

* ways of teaching the concepts:

# writing on boards and projected to show PowerPoint slides.

# using projecter for statistical software programs ((using R programing language for this time)

# Ask questions to make sure that students are following and getting the ideas

( these questions are already made up for concepts that easily the students can confuse of)

# group assignments( already I divided the students into groups during the semester)

Last 5-10 minutes of each class meeting is for solving this assignment and students must continuo outside of classroom if not completed within 10 mins.

# homeworks every third class meeting.

# quizzes every fifth class meeting.

# part of office hour is for R tutorial

# long period project might be assigned ( depends in time and understanding)

* objectives can be achieved in the end of the semester:

# knowledge of importance of statistics and probability. Moreover, use them in initial data analysis. Also, use them for their future carrer etc

* good conclusion.


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