Middle Eastern History (Critical thinking/review)

Description This assignment will be like a journal. Topics for from week 1-5. Each week must have six pages. Critical Thinking must be done on these topics not just a small summary about them, please be creative with there clothing, flowers, etc and there developments. – For the first 6 pages the topics should be on : The emergence of Islam in 622, Muhammed in Medina, the Byzantine empire and the Sassanian Empire, Who will be the caliph after Muhammed? Sunnis and the shiais, and the Battle of Karbala. -For the next 6 pages which is week 2 the topics should be on: Significance of the Turks invasions, The crusaders, the Byzantine Empire, and How does a leader become legitamet? and what certain clothing do leaders wear in the ottoman empire ? Also mention how The ottamans were very barbaric when it came to war but they took care of there flowers like it was there child. (How is it the are aggressive at war but soft towards flowers? -For the next 6 pages which is week 3 the topics should be on: Ottamons and Safavids, The jannisarries( include how they created marching music), Ottomans and safavids by the 18th century and the economy, European players ottomans and the Qajar, The eurpoean players (France, Germany, Austria), Kuchuk kaynajara treaty, Mehmet of Ali. -For the next 6 pages which is week 4 the topics should be on: The reforms defensive developmentalism, Regulate and rationalize Taxt system in the middle East in 1858, Europeans asking for more control over finances, Egyptians government and growth for cotton, the Suez canal, egypt in the late 19th century, Qajar persia in the 19th century (Cossack brigade in 1879, concessions (the Talbut tobacco concession in 1890), The D’arcy Oil concession in 1901, ottoman egypt, and ajar persia in 1914, the ottoman great war, The war in Gallipoli , western church hill, The sky picot agreement 1916, the balfour declaration in 1917, Arab revolt of 1916 and the Armenian Genocide. -For the next 6 pages which is week 5 the topics should be on: 1918 the end of the war, Peace conference at the versailles in 1919, Response to severs, Turkish independence in 1919-1923, The Treaty of Lausare in 1923, Mustafa keel Vs. Reza Shah (who they were, what there plans were, and there defensive developmentalism, Ataturk Turkey and Reza Shah’s Iran.