migration as a spatial process a case study

Please choose ONE of the following:

  1. Migration as a spatial process: a case study
    This paper should focus on the contemporary migration of a particular ethnic group or community from one place to another (for example, Somalis to Lewiston-Auburn, Ethiopians to Washington DC, Cambodians to Lowell, Algerians to France, Pakistanis to the United Kingdom). It should not be about a historic and large scale migration (such as the Irish or Italians to the US). Your paper must incorporate and evaluate migration concepts and theories discussed in class. Please include maps.
  2. Profile the electoral geography of one state in the US
    Electoral behavior has a strong spatial component, evident in maps showing voting preferences by town, county, and even census tract. These patterns are fairly predictable and consistent over time. In your paper, you should describe and analyze these patterns in one state. Your task will be easier if you select a large and diverse state, such as California, New York, Texas, or Florida. You should incorporate statistical data and include relevant maps.
  3. RequirementsPlease note that you must submit your paper electronically. It will be checked by Turnitin plagiarism detection software. You have been warned: don’t plagiarize, both because it’s wrong and because you will be caught. Links to an external site.Please make sure your paper conforms with ALL of these requirements:
    • Each paper should be no shorter than 1,250 words of text (roughly 5 pages), excluding maps, charts, illustrations, and bibliography
    • At least 10 references in the bibliography
    • Double-spaced, with I” margins
    • 12 pt font
    • Pages must be numbered
    • MLA style citations and bibliography
    • Appropriate illustrations/maps/figures
    • Your bibliography should include a separate list of the specific resources you have used in your research. I want to see both the sources and separately where those sources were generated (for example, which indexes, search engines, or online databases you used).
    • Papers turned in late will be reduced in grade by two letters after initial evaluation (i.e. a B would become a D).