MN502 Overview Of Network Security: Threats And Mitigation

MN502 Overview Of Network Security: Threats And Mitigation

MN502 Overview Of Network Security: Threats And Mitigation


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Ransomware refers as software which is also called ransomware attack and used to publish the victim’s data or information. The first case of a ransomware attack was identified in between 2005 and 2006 in Russia. This is one of the biggest problems in the computer and information industries and it is estimated that this problem is increased very fast. Ransomware reaches in computers by many different ways such as by email, spam messages, fraud emails and by online communities [1]. The main objective of this report is to identify the problem of ransomware attack and the impact of this on society. According to data from the last few years ransomware hack computer system and blocked personal data or file by sending spam and fraud emails to users and employees. This report is explaining the problem of ransomware and various types of ransomware in information industries. This report is divided into three groups such as variants of ransomware, mechanism process of ransomware, and potential threats to ransomware [2].

Ransomware And Their Impact On The Society

Ransomware is one of the common problems for all organization and common people because it hack human-computer systems and encrypt all personal data and information file after that they demand money to restore data files. It is observed that there are many simple ransomware attacks which directly impact on the computer system and they hack all personal information of users. Ransomware is the very big problem and harmful for computer system because it encrypts all data or information files and users cannot open without permission [3]. It is estimated that in the year 2017 ransomware hacked around one thousand computer systems and it also impacts on society. This type of problem hack computer systems and blocked data through which users can lose their personal files. It also impacts on users body systems, harmful for an organization, for home appliances, permanent loss of your data increases many financial problems, and increase security risks [4].

Variants Of Ransomware

It is observed that there are numerous types of ransomware attacks available in information industries which are following

  • Locker ransomware
  • Crypto ransomware
  • Mac ransomware
  • Cerber ransomware
  • Crypto wall ransomware [5].

Locker Ransomware

Locker ransomware is characterized as a ransomware which is utilized to access any PC assets. This sort of ransomware is utilized to bolt the PC framework or gadgets and request to pay cash to re-establish information or data. The bolted PC can get to a client and just client or client permitting to speak with ransomware and give the payoff. This is just intended to avert access to the PC gadget and there are numerous associations that are suffering from this type of problem. In this ransomware, the user cannot access their data or computer system without the permission of hackers [6].

Crypto Ransomware The fundamental reason for this ransomware is to decide and encode information or data put away in the PC frameworks and give a stage to acquire the decoding key. In this advanced age, there are numerous individuals who are putting away individual information or data in PC frameworks and gadgets. Reinforcement is a standout amongst the most widely recognized procedures to ensure information or data and Crypto ransomware store human individual information and it utilizes web of thing to store information in PC frameworks. This is a progressed ransomware which decreased hacking frameworks and it expanded security framework for all individuals and associations [7].

Mac RansomwareKarger is a sort of Mac ransomware which is built up in 2016 and this is the principal kind of Mac which contaminates the Mac running OS X. This was infused into the clients and when any client downloads this product which can taint with the ransomware. This type of ransomware enters in computer systems and finds data file and waits for three days after that hackers encrypt all personal data files they communicate with users through online communities and demand money to restore data files [8].

Cerber RansomwareIt is the most widely recognized kind of ransomware which is utilized to scramble information or data record in PC frameworks. This ransomware scrambles all information records of contaminated clients and interest for cash to re-establish information of data from the PC framework. It additionally works when a human isn’t associated with web associations. This ransomware produces an email to client and request cash to get to their information or data [9].

Crypto wall ransomwareIt was set up after the crypto locker and it lessened downsides of the crypto locker. This sort of payoff is utilized to decode information or data of any PC framework and to get to this administration client give cash or reserve to the association after that they can utilize this administration. There are numerous kinds of the crypto divider, for example, crypto bit, crypto safeguard, and crypto divider 2.0, and 3.0 [9].

The Working Mechanism Of Ransomware

Ransomware is defined as a cyber-risk or cyber-attack which is used to hack personal data or information of any user and block human-computer systems. There are many ransom attacks are observed in the last 10 years and it is estimated that the rate of cyber-attacks is increased by 29% in the last few years. There are many steps and procedure through which ransomware hack the human-computer system in which one of the best and common method is to send spam and fraud emails to the user and user open that mail and click on given spam links. After that, the hacker uses algorithm programmes through which they enter into the computer system and encrypt all data or information of users. Once they enter in the computer system hacker change passwords of the computer system and lock all personal files after that they encrypt data and contact with computer user by online websites and demand money to re-establish their data. There are many communities and programmes they provide education and training program for learning to hack through which ransomware and another type of cyber-attacks are increasing. There are other various types of ransom wares like exploit security holes and NotPetya. Ransomware involves several steps which are following-

  • The malicious software produces a spam mail and sends this mail to user and malware software generate an algorithm to hack computer systems and data of any person.
  • After this process ransomware enter into a computer system and encrypt all data files and block computer system

MN502 Overview Of Network Security: Threats And Mitigation