Modern men and women asserting their dignity in the present

MIDTERM PAPER ANALYTICAL ESSAY – adduce the proper supporting evidence to substantiate the claims being made. NEEDS TO HAVE A CLEAR ARGUMENT. Prompt: Political theorist Marshall Berman has argued that modernity must be understood as “one process: modern men and women asserting their dignity in the present – even a wretched and oppressive present – and their right to control their future; striving to make a place for themselves in the modern world; a place where they can feel at home”. To what extent do you feel that this characterization of modernity captures various lived experiences of the major political, social, intellectual, and cultural transformations that the Middle East underwent during the long-nineteenth century?” Think about global modernity compared to the readings (I will be providing); discourse from people below (aka peasents, etc.) and ordinary lives and people in the changing empire. I will be providing a lot of source material, not all of it needs to be used. Go through it and see which would be good for this prompt. ONLY use the documents provided as sources. I need this by November 22nd, 7:00am EST.