module 8 personal st test taking creative

First paper: personal statement

Personal Statement of Strength: Using your top five strengths write one page about yourself. Your goal is to combine your strengths in a way that tells a story about who you are and what is best about you. Be as creative as you want. The goal is to start talking about yourself using the language of strengths. Another way to look at this assignment is if you were asked in an interview to talk about your strengths what would you say?

Second paper: Test taking strategies

Explain study strategies for each type of test (true/false, multiple choice, essay and online).

Note: just one paragraph length.

Third paper: Creative strength building

Present your strengths in a creative venue. You can use Powerpoint, Prezi, video, poster board, music, poetry, draw, Podcasts or something I have left off the list.

Note: one paragraph length.