Monitoring Calorie In-take

Discussion – Monitoring Calorie In-take (Objective 4) For this discussion, you will need to choose a recent meal (or, if you are ambitious, an entire day’s food), and construct an original thread (>250 words) with the following: ● An itemized estimate of the number of Calories you consumed, including the total Calories (and units) o Be as specific as possible. For instance, if you had a bowl of cereal, state which brand/type, the number of Calories in the cereal, and the additional Calories present in the milk you poured over the cereal. o Keep in mind serving size. One “bowl” of cereal is often more than a single serving size as indicated in the nutritional information. You might need to measure (and report) the volume or mass of food in your meal to get accurate measurements. o If you choose a meal that you’ve had in a restaurant, most restaurants post nutritional information about their menu on their website. You can also ask a manager. ● Specific and thoughtful answers to the following: o Have you or do you regularly calculate your caloric intake? Why or why not? Do you think it is important to do so? o What other variables are important to consider besides number of Calories when considering how food may impact our bodies? o Do you think the government has a responsibility to regulate the information provided on nutrition labels? Explain your answer.