Monthly Universal Basic Income

Create an annotated bibliography for 3 academic print sources and 1 reputable popular news print source (meaning this source exists off the internet somewhere, even if you only have an electronic version of this source) that can be used for the research portion of your informative speech assignment assignment. The annotated bibliography will contain: – An indication of your style choice (APA or MLA) in the heading or title of the paper. – Proper citations for all four print sources, in the proper order per style guidelines, with proper indentations and other formatting per style guides. See the Purdue O.W.L. (Links to an external site.) for details on style guidelines. – Under each entry, write approximately 3-5 sentences containing pertinent information about the source and the information it contains, and what purpose it may serve for your project. Remember, these notes are to help you as a researcher so you can refer back to them and know what is in this source and why you thought it might be relevant for your project. – Do not include any graphs or charts, merely reference any graphs or charts. – Include information of both the source itself and the information contained within it.