mswk 6691field seminar

Case studies need to include the following information:

Generalist practice assessment and “intake” information on the client (e.g., presenting problem(s); client profile including age, living situation, marital/partner status, children, current work situation, education, etc.; history of presenting problem; past psychiatric history; substance use/abuse; social history including where person was reared, extended family and relationships, friends, marital/partner history, etc.; relevant family history; medical history; mental status information; possible defense mechanisms client may be using; cultural, oppression, discrimination, and spiritual considerations). Though a real intake would be thorough and somewhat lengthy, for this paper keep this section brief and include only pertinent information.

Assessment of the problem(s) and client’s strengths.

A plan for working with the client and the problem(s)

Intervention(s) to be used with the client

Evaluation of the process

A plan for follow-up

Presentation of the case

Again, you will want to consult class notes and the textbook for full information on each of these sections. Remember to maintain client confidentiality in papers and presentations!! The case study helps you to develop skills in generalist practice assessment and intervention and to apply knowledge of theory and policy to social work processes affecting change. The case study also helps you to understand how values, ethics, and issues of diversity, oppression, and discrimination impact social work processes as they work with clients from intake to follow-up. You must use effective communication skills to gather information and utilize supervision for feedback on the process as well as function within the agency setting to achieve goals set with the client. The case study IS NOT A PAPER but a presentation that uses the headings provided to outline the case. This can be done via PPT, brochure, etc. but displayed in a manner that every class member and professor can view and follow along on the case. This presentation must also be uploaded in the case study Drop Box in D2L by the designated due date for full points to be awarded for the presentation portion of the case. The presentation is capped at a maximum of 10 minutes from the start time of presentation to allow time for questions and answers.