Munchhausen Syndrome

Use the University Library to locate a peer-reviewed article written in the last 15 years (or use Google Scholar to get the abstract of an article and then use the University Library to locate the article) that addresses a subject related to this week’s chapters that interests you (e.g., a specific form of elder abuse, Munchhausen Syndrome, etc.). Once you’ve located and read the article, please do the following: 1. Write the full citation of the article (attach or link it if possible) 2. Share the topic of the article and why you selected it. 3. Share whether it is a research article, theoretical article, literature review or what. 4. Discuss the specific aim of the article (i.e., trim it down to a bite-sized summary). 5. What does it say that you view is new or important? 6. In what way/s does it support or refute what you learned about your topic from the textbook chapters this week? 7. What problems within the article can you identify? Login as Guest to Troy University Link below to access the Library for this assignment