Topic: content (music) ATTENTION! To complete the order, please make sure you understand ALL the instructions, have content writing experience, are knowledgeable in music and musical instruments OR are able to devote the utmost attention and enough time to complete it to the BEST standards. INSTRUCTIONS ON THE ORDER: The customer needs content for the website The concept is very simple, we provide music lessons in ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano and keyboards. The school is very small and has only two rooms “ one multi purpose room for holding group/individual guitar and ukulele lessons, and also piano and keyboard lessons (individual lessons available only) , and one soundproof drums room (for individual or group of 2 students at a time drums lessons). Booking of rooms and slot is subject to teacher and room availability. We offer group lessons for ukulele and guitar (up to groups of 5 in a class). For piano and keyboards we only host 1 to 1 lessons with our in-house teachers. We have drums lessons offered as a choice of 1 to 1 or group of 2 maximum. When a student signs up for lessons, they can choose to bring their own group to qualify for group rate lessons, if they don’t have a group, then they can opt for the individual lessons or they can find a group on their own to book a slot as a group music lessons with their friends. All group lesson rates are S$88 per person for 4 lessons. Alll individual lessons (1 to 1) are S$156 for 4 lessons. Upon signup there is a one time S$20 registration fee and a S$50 deposit refunadble with a 30 day notice of termination. Booking/rescheduling of lessons can be done online on the website. There are a few tabs on the website needed content for – 1st tab “ HOME. Here I will need a write up enticing people to learn music (target market: adults of all ages, parents of kids above age 5, kids above age 5) It is a marketing pitch. This can be FUN and SLIGHTLY CASUAL STYLE OF WRITING. Should be slightly personal to the reader. This is basically our sales pitch. Attention grabber for our customers. 2nd tab “ THE MUSIC ROOM CONCEPT. Here we explain the concept. A serious corporate image must be presented here. Basically we need to explain to the customers that when they come here for whatever lessons on whatever instrument, they get not just how to play the instrument of their choice, but also how to apply the playing of their instrument when playing with friends in a group, also how to improvise and jam with friends, how to manipulate their instrument in band application as well as solo regardless of style, regardless of music genre, pop, jazz or even classical. Also, to make their life easy, they can even book or reschedule the lessons online just like booking a flight. We offer lessons for students keen on taking exams and also for students who do not want exams. Our school only offers classical courses for piano. Everything else is pop course. Hence we aim to be the premier pop school of Singapore taught by a group of young and dynamic professional performers and ex performers with at least 4 years experience in performing professionally in Singapore circuit as well as session abroad. 3rd tab “ COURSES. Here we need short writeups (sales pitch per instrument): one writeup for guitar(note that all our guitar students learn how play classical guitar, acoustic guitar as well as electric guitar) one writeup for ukulele one write up for drums one writeup for keyboards (taught to play with accompaniment and use effects and patches) one write up for piano (classical and pop piano taught on weighted keys) EVERYTHING SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN A FUN AND SEMI-PERSONAL STYLE AS THIS CONCERT IS A SALES PITCH. One of the strong selling points of our school is that the instructors are some of the most experienced performers in the country with very big performance profiles. Most performers here do not want to teach as teaching is not as glamorous as the working entertainment. As opposed to most schools here which have people who have taught for many years but cannot apply what they teach, so maybe cannot easily demonstrate to the student and break down the difficult concepts first hand like our instructors can. Our instructors also have at least 3 years teaching experience. The school is cosy, so the feel of the lessons is œexclusive. The team of teachers here have stepped off performing to teach purely because of passion to educate and share the joys of playing music with the common public in this country. This gives our team a serious advantage over the competition in the music school business here in Singapore. Why? – Unlike most teachers, due to the professional performance background, our teachers not only have the great technical knowledge of their instrument(s), and great foundation in theory, they are also able to demonstrate effectively what is musically required, so better inspiring the students by seeing first hand a good musician playing (as opposed to most schools here that have elderly teachers who are very strict or have arthritis or whatever and cannot demonstrate clearly what they could have done many years ago.. as musicians get weaker in playing with age. -Our teachers are young and dynamic, not to mention good looking (because of the performance background), ensuring lively lessons each time. Even though our teachers are young, their musical ability in the industry is similar to the Veteran teaching musicians here. -Our teachers, unlike some natural talents so commonly seen these days, were not born with the abilities, and just like our students had to struggle to play, and learn to get over each physical and mental hurdle that people face when learning music through determination and a fire to succeed, hence can inspire our students to succeed not only in music, but by adapting a mentality that you can achieve the ability to play, and not just that but do anything and achieve anything in life. Because of this, our teachers understand the difficulties of learning to play and can guide our students better. (i.e: Have you ever asked a friend that plays music œHow do u play so well?.. and your friend just replies  I don’t know, I just do. Here our teachers.. know how¦ and we can show you.) – Our teachers not only teach Mozart and Beethoven, but also modern party music to keep the interest of our students and keeping our students updated. Our teachers have extensive performance repertoires and can teach songs in any style of music, from classical to rock and pop, to reggae and funk to even house and top 40²s and Mando/Canto Pop or K-Pop which is the new trend among kids here.

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