Mystery shopper report on Mcdonalds

1. Mystery shopping is the process of measuring and recording specific elements of the customer experience.
a. A mystery shopper visits an establishment (a retail store, bank, restaurant, medical facility or other public place that does business) for the purpose of observing and measuring customer service, product quality and environment of the establishment in general.
b. Mystery shopping providers’ help clients understand what the average customer is experiencing, what staff behaviors should be acknowledged and rewarded and areas of customer service and customer interaction that can be improved.

2. Research the type of business you want to do secret shopping in. What is the environment like for the customer based on their mission, value and goals?

3. Once you have your target business
a. Hon your observation skills
i. What type of business are you targeting
ii. Do you have a copy of their mission and value statements
iii. Do they have a quality product that you can touch, feel, see if not what is their product
b. What is the general appearance of the business
• Is the environment clean?
• Did someone greet the customer as he walked in?
1. If not, explain what you saw, heard, felt.
• Did the customer find what they were looking for, did someone help them – actually take them to where the product was.
• Did the customer have all their questions answered.
• Was the customer satisfied with the service they received.
• Did you talk to the customer to get their perspective after you finished you observations OR
• Where you the customer, and if so explain all the interactions you encountered

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