national aeronautics and space administration nasa

my case study is about the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). I already have the case study uploaded but I need some adjustments and ideas added to it. I will also upload different samples with different topics so that you know the pattern. FINALLY, THIS IS MORE INFORMATION MY PROFESSOR ADDED RECENTLY. I am providing some more guidance in addition to what I gave you March 19 (please review again). In addition to ensuring that you focus on the “how” aspect for each management control, it is very important that you address each of the management control areas we covered during the semester. If you could not find information, then be sure to make a recommendation for what you think it should be for the organization. As an example: If you do not find anything on Knowledge Management, then in your analysis, be sure to discuss what you would recommend for how the organization should incorporate knowledge management and why you think it is important. Or if you think it is not necessary, that is ok too, but explain why you believe that.

That brings me to the analysis section of your paper. Though the bulk of your paper may be information that you gathered about the organization, be sure not to short change this section. This is where you demonstrate what you learned and your understanding of management controls. If your analysis section is weak, it will greatly affect your grade.